Server racks for rent

Placing your equipment in data center You make a right decision. We provide server racks for rent to large Russian companies, telecom operators and well known Internet services. We value every Client and always select the best conditions for the specific purpose of company.

Server rack rental is the best solution for hosting companies and Telecom operators, who need to place a large amounts of equipment in the data center. In standard technological rack can hold up to 47 units of equipment. To the server rack connected the power supply of the first category and cooling system. In the data center operates round the clock monitoring of hardware and network infrastructure. Technical support is available 24x7 and always ready to help. Professional security monitors the access to the territory of data center, preventing the possibility of unauthorized access to the equipment.

Rent server racks in Mix Telecom is a balanced selection of price, quality and convenience. It's very important to choose a place to rent a server rack in Moscow. Presence at MMTS-9 allows you to connect to any of the operators present at the sites of the data center, as well as high reliability and security of communications, the best data transfer rate.

Contact us and receive quality service at advantageous tariff, around the clock technical support and prompt resolution of any issues. If you decide to rent server rack in the data center of Moscow, Mix Telecom is the best solution. In the case of smaller amounts of equipment, Please select a rack units colocation services.

Advantages of renting rack in Mix Telecom

Service quality

For Clients who rent racks in a data center is provided level agreement service (SLA). The agreement is an application to the contract and describes the financial responsibility for services unavailability.

Technical support 24/7/365

Your equipment is always under the supervision of qualified technical experts who monitor the correct operation of the equipment. Support is provided round the clock without weekends and holidays for all our Clients, providing quick response to any technical issues.

Free installation

Mounting equipment in the rack and its dismantling at the completion of use of the services is free of charge.

High-speed Internet channels

Our Internet channels have unlimited traffic without any separations and filtering malicious traffic system (anti-DDoS). Our network infrastructure is built on the modern equipment from leading manufacturers Cisco and Juniper.