Internet access

    Stable completely unlimited Internet with fixed tariffs
  • Excluding the amount of traffic consumed
  • No division into Russian and foreign traffic
  • Without limiting the incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Always declared guaranteed speed
Price per month
100 Mbps switch port
500 ₽
1 Gbps switch port
500 ₽
Access to the Internet
Price per month
Dedicated 10 Mbps bandwidth
0 ₽
Dedicated 100 Mbps bandwidth
12 500 ₽
Dedicated 1 Gbps bandwidth
40 000 ₽
Dedicated 10 Gbps bandwidth
on request
Additional services
Price per month
Additional IP addresses
100 ₽
Private VLAN
300 ₽
BGP announcements
500 ₽
650 ₽
KVM over IP
2 850 ₽
Internet access
When choosing Mix Telecom as a telecom operator, the cost of 1U placement includes 1 IP address and a 100 Mbps port with unlimited traffic. Server rack rental includes 5 IP addresses and a guaranteed 100 Mbps Internet channel.
Network characteristics
Telecommunication equipment of network infrastructure Mix Telecom is the world's leading brands Cisco and Juniper. How our network works can be found on the data center page .
Inter-operator connections
Ready to consult about communication channels and bandwidth, find the best solution for your project, organize communications lines to the largest Russian telecom operators.
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