Communication channels and Internet access

MIX Тelecom offers high-speed connection to the Internet at great rates. Stable and totally unlimited Internet with fixed price tariffs.

+ Without division into Russian and foreign traffic
+ No restrictions on the ratio of incoming and outgoing traffic
+ The volume of consumed traffic is not charged
+ No traffic limits
+ Guaranteed speed

In case of choosing Mix of Telecom as operator, the cost of placing a 1 unit rack space includes 1 IP address. Server rack renting includes 5 IP address. At your request, IP addresses can be in different networks of class C.

If you have any questions we would consult you on selecting a required communication channel and its capacity, choosing the best solution for the tasks of the project and organizing the connection line and connect with the largest Russian operators.

Price list

Service Единица измерения Price RUB/month
Switch port 100 Mbit/s 500
Switch port 1 Gbit/s 5 000
Internet channels
Guaranteed bandwidth channel 10 Mbit/s 0
Guaranteed bandwidth channel 20 Mbit/s 2 100
Guaranteed bandwidth channel 30 Mbit/s 3 500
Guaranteed bandwidth channel 40 Mbit/s 4 800
Guaranteed bandwidth channel 50 Mbit/s 6 000
Guaranteed bandwidth channel 100 Mbit/s 12 500
Guaranteed bandwidth channel 1 Gbit/s 40 000
Additional services
Additional IP addresses 100
VLAN 300
BGP announcing 500

Have some questions? We’ll call you back!

Years of experience and highly qualified technical staff helps us to create the most comfortable conditions for colocation. We will be glad to give you a tour of the data center and answer all questions.

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