Inter-operator connections

    Meet-Me Room services for telecom operators, Internet projects, online services
  • Connection to over 500 telecom operators
  • Registration and support of documentation
  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Additional services and technical support 24x7

Have been working since 2008

We have the necessary experience and competence, we work conscientiously

Fast terms of work

The term for laying the line is 10 working days, the line is connected immediately

Technical support 24/7

Engineers work around the clock and promptly provide technical assistance

500 telecom operators

Meet-me-room services are provided on the site of the largest Internet Exchange in Russia


Service availability is 99.98%, response to support requests <10 min

Data center services

Colocation of servers and telecom equipment in the data center, provision of technological racks


Access control, continuous video surveillance, round-the-clock security system

One-stop contractor

To resolve all issues related to inter-operator connections and technical support

Additional services

Communication node organization, obtaining licenses from Roskomnadzor
Send a request to organize lines on MMTS-9

Please fill in the form fields. We will contact you with detailed information.


Sign a contract with the desired operator

Send a request indicating the endpoint of the connection

We will prepare the necessary documents for laying the line

Testing and payment of the finished line

The cost of laying connecting lines and monthly payment is calculated individually. We consider cable types and equipment locations. As a rule, the calculation of the cost takes place during the working day.

Find out the cost

For consultation and calculation of the connection cost, please, leave your details.


“Helped to solve all my problems with setting up and connecting servers. Organized non-standard schemes for connecting to equipment. ”
Tychinin Vyacheslav- Restaurant chain
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“We express special gratitude for the quality service, prompt resolution of all issues and concern for our customers.”
Semesko Yu.V.- InKoma
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“For 9 years of collaboration, the team of Mix Telecom LLC has established itself as a team of professionals capable of performing the most complex tasks in a short time.”
Emelin V.A.- Megaphone
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“The employees of Mix Telecom LLC ensure the high-quality operation of our equipment, being in touch around the clock.”
Artemiev K.G.- ER-Telecom
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How to connect to an operator?

How to order a line?

How long does it take to build a connection?

How to find out the cost of connecting lines?

  • How to connect to an operator?

    To connect to another telecom operator, you need to organize a connecting line. This requires:

    – Select an operator and conclude an agreement with him.
    – Order a connecting line (the customer can be the selected operator or Mix Telecom).
    – As soon as the line is laid, we will connect your equipment to the selected operator.

  • How to order a line?

    It is necessary to draw up an Application – Appendix No. 2 to the contract, on the basis of which we form an ordering letter. A letter of consent from the other party will be required. To do this, you will need to conclude an appropriate agreement with the operator and provide both parties with the necessary information. Check the data well, after the release of the task it will be impossible to change it.

  • How long does it take to build a connection?

    The installation of the line itself takes up to 10 working days after the release of the task. The time period spent on the release of the task depends on the promptness of the Client’s actions with the conclusion of the contract and the provision of the information necessary for the connection to both parties.

  • How to find out the cost of connecting lines?

    In each case, the cost is calculated individually. It depends on such characteristics as the distance between the equipment of the Client and the Operator, the type of cable or fiber, the choice of module connectors, and other features.