About company

Mix Telecom provides high-quality data center services at comfortable prices and with professional support. We have been working since 2008.

Having been in the market for over 10 years, we are well aware of the needs of our clients' business. That is why providing full technical compliance with the current requirements for the data center, constantly improving infrastructure and introducing new features and convenience for customers.
Our work is based on the principle of customer focus. We pay attention to its clients, taking into account their needs and specifics of the project, always find the solution of non-standard tasks. When you become a Mix Telecom client, you make the right decision.
The guarantee of high-quality provision of services and maintenance is the contacts of the head of the technical support service and the general director. The client can always make suggestions or complaints to the employee directly to the head of the company.

Service Licenses

License No. 153332
from 28.06.2017
Services for the provision of communication channels.
License No. 153333
from 28.06.2017
Data transmission services, excluding the transmission of voice information.
License No. 153334
from 28.06.2017
Provision of telematic communication services.


Quality of service

The company has existed since 2008. Among our clients are telecom operators, owners of large Internet projects and services, large, medium and small businesses. We are attentive to each client, creating the necessary conditions for the client's projects.

Tier-3 data centers

Data centers have all the necessary features for comfortable operation of the equipment. In technical areas observed temperature and humidity conditions, access control, connected backup power supply and communication channels.

SLA guarantees

The service level is supported by an SLA. The service level agreement records the level of service availability and the response time to a request. In case of SLA violations, funds are compensated.

Technical support 24x7

Your equipment is under technical supervision around the clock. Support is provided without interruption on weekends and holidays for all Mix Telecom clients, providing a prompt response to any technical issues.

Additional features

Protection against DDoS attacks, monitoring services, inter-operator connections at the largest traffic exchange point in Russia (IX), construction and delivery of communication nodes.


The employees have professional knowledge and experience, they are constantly improving their skills. System administration services are available upon request.
Visit the data center

Send a request and our specialists will invite you on a tour of the data center and share information about special offers.