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Mix Telecom LLC provides telecommunication services for corporate clients since 2008. This is server and telecommunication equipment colocation in data center, high-speed communication channels connecting and providing Internet access. Organization communication lines with major Russian operators, presented in the data center.

Data center

Mix Telecom provides services based on technical platforms of the data center MMTS-9 territory, secured all necessary infrastructure for stable operation of the equipment. Our services are provided 24x7x365 availability of services 99,91%, which is comparable to the Tier III level uptime. 

Data center is located on Butlerova street 7 in Moscow.

Security and access to the data center

Data center territory is under constant guard. Client’s equipment is located in protected areas with multi-level security system. It includes IP-surveillance system with motion detectors and digital video recording, automated access terminals with using HID-standard proxy card. Security systems used for all areas with critical equipment, corridors with placing equipment, office space, entrances to the building. For access to data center used previously issued passes and agreed lists of Clients employees.

Fire-extinguishing system

For firefighting used 2 types of automatic gas fire-extinguishing systems on the basis of Halocarbon gas and extinguishing agent 3MNOVEC. Also used early aspirating smoke detection system and mobile smoke removal system. The entire building is equipped with automatic installations of fire alarm systems, smoke ventilation system, an alarm system and evacuation and firefighting water supply. 

The first category of power supply

Power supply is organized by the four centers of power: CHP-20, PS-841, PS-838 and PS-760 transmission lines in 10kW. Electricity distribution is made from the 10 main switchboards.Two and three-ray backup power supply (ATS) provides a reliable supply of the first category. It is possible to connect the UPS in a rented server rack.

Telecommunications resources

Our clients can connect to the Mix Telecom Internet channel or use any other provider, located in the data center MMTS-9 and included in peer-to-peer network of traffic exchange MSK-IX. Our network infrastructure is built on the modern equipment from leading manufacturers Cisco and Juniper.

Technical support 24/7/365

Your equipment is always under the supervision of qualified technical experts who monitor the correct operation of the equipment. Support is provided round the clock without weekends and holidays for all our Clients, providing quick response to any technical issues.

Cooling system

Cooling is produced by central air conditioner with a capacity of 2.3 MW of cold, other cooling realized by air-conditioned rack. Air temperature in servers rack is maintained in the range of 18-21 degrees Celsius with humidity in the range of 49-53%. Each engine room being monitored temperature humidity conditions using automated control systems. The cooling system is connected to an uninterruptible power supply that creates a continuous operation of the climate control system.

Have some questions? We’ll call you back!

Years of experience and highly qualified technical staff helps us to create the most comfortable conditions for colocation. Our clients include Telecom operators, large Internet projects and services, enterprises of different fields. We will be glad to give you a tour of the data center and answer all questions.

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