Colocation in data center

Mix Telecom offers colocation in a data center and the largest traffic exchange point in Russia (Moscow Internet Exchange). This guarantees high quality, reliability, and any amount of consumption of Internet traffic.

Server colocation service is suitable for any business that requires a high degree of  IT infrastructure protection, high traffic volumes and flexible setting up their own equipment. 

Clients equipment located at the site of the largest Russian Internet exchange point peer to peer network MSK-IX. Using Mix Telecom colocation service, You can use our Internet channels or choose connection to any operator located in data center.

Servers are located in special facility with reliable system protection from power outages and the right microclimate, which allows to obtain stable operation of the server and extend its service life. The system of guaranteed power supply of the I-th category ensures uninterrupted functioning of the data center.

Professional security monitors the access to the territory of data center, preventing the possibility of unauthorized access to the server area.In the data center operates round the clock monitoring of hardware and network infrastructure. Technical support is available 24x7 and always ready to help. You can perform self-service server administration using KVM console for install the software on the server and make it reboot.

To receive a server colocation offer, please fill the application below. We will contact you to answer all the questions. If you want to collocate a large quantity of servers, please choose private racks renting.

Advantages of colocation in Mix Telecom

Free installation

We do not charge money forthe server installation and its dismantling at the completion of use of the services. You can mount server or telecommunications equipment by yourself or provide this function to our experienced staff.

Technical support 24/7/365

Your equipment is always under the supervision of qualified technical experts who monitor the correct operation of the equipment and always ready to help in solving technical questions in the shortest time at any time of the day or night. Support is provided round the clock without weekends and holidays for all our Clients.

High-speed Internet channels

We provide Internet channels  with unlimited traffic. Our network infrastructure is built on the modern equipment from leading manufacturers Cisco and Juniper. You can also use  Internet channels of any other provider, represented in a data center MMTS-9 and in the traffic exchange point MSK-IX.