Remote technical support

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Server rack maintenance
  • Telecommunications equipment support
  • Works are regulated by SLA
Reboot equipment
Twisted pair cable crimp
Enable / switch connecting line
Replacement of components in equipment
Replacement / Providing power cable
Connect / Switch / Disconnect / Providing KVM
Checking the functionality of the trunk (a job number for organizing the trunk is required)
Connection of monitoring systems
Working with the console according to the instructions of the Customer
Measurement of parameters of fiber-optic transmission lines with an OTDR
Preventive maintenance (patch cord management, vacuum cleaning)
Install / reinstall OS
Installation / Disassembly of equipment (server and telecommunications equipment that does not require a change in the power circuit)
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Minimum reaction time

The ability to resolve technical issues promptly

Transparency of work

Post-payment is made upon the fact of tickets recorded in the billing system.

Smart management

Your equipment is always under the supervision of specialists and maintained on every request

24/7 technical support

Support works seven days a week and will always come to the rescue at any time of the day.

Personal contractor at MMTS-9

Your remote technical support is located in the same building as the equipment.

Saving resources

No need for emergency exits, overtime, waste of resources on the road.