Remote technical support for your server equipment, based on MMTS-9

"Remote hands" is round the clock technical support and maintenance service for your server or telecommunication equipment located in the territory of MMTS-9.

Due to this service you can save valuable time in the solution of various technical issues, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance workEvensuch simple actionsas restarting the hardware orverifyingthe networkthat requiresinstant reaction, sometimes difficult to implementin the distance.Using the service "Remote hands", you can be confident that skilled professionals are always ready to help regardless of day time.

Save precious time on technical matters, bypassing bureaucratic regulations, reducing the distance of areas, towns and countries. Qualified technical support  with extensive professional experience are always ready to help.

List of services:

  • Reboot Client equipment
  • Crimping of twisted pair cable using Contractor's material
  • Switch on/Switch connection line of the Customer
  • Checking of connecting lines of the Customer (needs a number of tasks for the organization of connection lines)
  • Installation/Dismantling of Customer equipment (server or telecommunications equipment without changing the power scheme)
  • Replacement of components in the Customer equipment
  • Replacement power cable (excluding cable)
  • Connection/Switching/Disabling Customer's KVM
  • OS Installation/reinstallation
  • Works with the console according to the instructions of the Customer
  • Preventive work in the rack (stacking patch cords, vacuum cleaning)


A complete list of services, their cost, contract and SLA is available on request. Services providing is possible only after signing the contract and receiving all necessary access to the Customer's equipment

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Advantages of "Remote hands"

Minimum reaction time

Ability to solve technical issues in an expeditious manner.

Clear action

Post-payment on recorded in the billing system appeals.

Smart control

Your equipment is always under the supervision of experts and maintained for each appeals.

Technical support 24/7/365

Support works around the clock weekends and holidays and will come to the rescue at any time of the day.

Personal support at MMTS-9

Yourremote technical supportis locatedin the building wherethe equipmentis placed.

Saving resources

Noneed for emergency visits,overtime, waste of resourceson the road.